Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

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Question:  What Steps Should I Take To Get My New Business Started?

ANSWER:  %%FIRST_NAME%%, since your new business is Automated, it requires very little to get it started and operate.  Two simple steps will start your SHOP producing cash profits for you!

Step 1.  Create your Free Accounts to activate your Cash Back Profits for each of the 3 Shopping Portals on your SHOP Website.  Shopping Portals are simply Links to Payment Processors that we use to track your Shoppers purchases at thousands of stores world wide.  It’s important to use the links provided so that your tracking is set-up correctly.

Simply click on the My Links tab on your home page or if you prefer us to set these up for you %%FIRST_NAME%% (it’s just $11) please Click Here

Step 2.  Use the tools provided here in your Private Home Page to Advertise your Business.  As true with any and all Businesses %%FIRST_NAME%%, you need to advertise it to get customers. Included are several Free Advertising Options such as Emails, Banner Ads, and Social Media Posts.  

All these options can be set up quite quickly, and then afterwards, most of them will advertise your business day and night 24/7 on autopilot.  To set them up, most simply require you to open a free online account where you can copy one of the supplied ads, and then be able to manage the ads in your free account. This can be done quite easily in just 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Question:  What Happens When Someone Signs-up For The Free SHOP Service?

ANSWER:  This is a very simple & unique Online business you have %%FIRST_NAME%%.  Everything is marketed through your SHOP which offers a 100% Free service that saves your customers money on just about everything they need or want to purchase (over 500 Million products & services from household items & food to luxury items & travel, and just about everything in between. 

You’ll promote your SHOP with the provided Free advertising options, and when people sign-up and start using the free, it will generate up to a $50 cash income for you for each person. You can also earn 20% of the savings generated from their ongoing shopping activities forever.

Once they sign-up for Free, they’re automatically entered into the sales funnel for your second business. This is our signature course that teaches them how to create the life of their dreams, and specifically shows them how to make money online (one of the most searched phrases on the Internet!).  You receive 50% of all sales of this course which sells for $197 so you’ll receive $99 from it.

Question:  What Options Do I Have To Generate More Income & Additional Revenue Streams?

ANSWER:   There are several options you have %%FIRST_NAME%% to increase the income generated by your Online Business and create Additional Income Streams for you and your family.  Most of these will be detailed in other sections of your Home Page, but you can find a brief introduction to these options below:

Option 1:  You can choose to become a SHOP Broker which means you’ll be authorized to shell the SHOP business to others.  We’ll create another website for you that specifically markets the SHOP business.  Again, the sales process is all automated so there’s no personal selling required.  You receive $49 for each and every sale, and with an automated sales funnel – that’s done for you 24/7/365!  The website is provided for just $29.95/month which is easily covered (more than covered) on the first sale.  you can get all the information about it %%FIRST_NAME%% by clicking on the “SHOP Broker” tab on your Home Page or by Clicking Here.

Option 2:  You already have a free program provided with your SHOP that provides you we Free Direct Mail Advertising as companies purchase their mailing lists.  You can take this a step further for just $77 and not only get the Free Advertising, but also 75% of the money that other companies pay for their mailing list.  The minimum purchase is $100 which would pay you $75 – again %%FIRST_NAME%%, that’s the minimum amount you would receive.  Most companies easily spend thousands of dollars monthly on their Direct Mail Advertising.

As New Options and Products/Services become available for Your Company to Offer for Sale and Make Money, information will be updated either here in the Q&A Section, on your Main Page, or Emailed to you.

Question:  How Does The Free Direct Mail Program Work?

ANSWER:   We use a Program called “Piggyback Mailing” %%FIRST_NAME%% to get You Direct Mail Advertising for Free!  If you haven’t heard of this, you’ve probably seen it in the past without even realizing it.  Companies will “Share” the cost of the Mailing, by including advertisements for other companies along with their own.  These are non-competing companies so their advertisements don’t conflict with each other, and the costs are reduced for each company so it’s a Win/Win situation.

Direct Mail had declined some by the use of Email and other Electronic deliver methods, however %%FIRST_NAME%%, there are still a lot of companies that use Direct Mail (just look in your Mailbox) and desperately look for New Mailing Lists in order to send out their Advertisements.

A Division of our company sells High Quality Mailing Lists that specialize in Business Opportunities and are some of the most sought after in the Industry.  We have Mailing Lists that include Hundreds of Thousands of individuals that are interested in starting a Business.  Companies that offer Business Opportunities pay the Industry Standard Price of $100 per 1,000 names.  Sure, you can find cheaper lists %%FIRST_NAME%%, but they’re no good, and  Companies that send out regular Mailings know this so they don’t buy the cheap ones.

Getting Customers is easy because the Customers come to you.  When these companies send you their Business Opportunity offers in the Mail %%FIRST_NAME%%, you simply return a Brochure to them (the Brochure will include a price list for the Mailing Lists and an easy way for them to order Online or Offline)!

The minimum order is 1,000 names and we double that order for Free in exchange for the Company sending out an advertisement for Your Business in their Mailing.  It doesn’t increase their Postage cost, and Double the Names means more Sales for everyone so it’s still a Win/Win for everyone. 

We take care of logistics of the mailing and handle your ad for you so after you send the brochure, it’s completely hands off for you.  Of course, large companies (like us, and even much larger usually order quantities of 25,000 to 50,000 names at a time!).

This service is already provided with your SHOP business %%FIRST_NAME%%, but you can also upgrade this as another business and receive 75% of the money these companies spend on their mailing lists!  Those amounts can really add up – you can get all the information about it %%FIRST_NAME%% by clicking on the “Free Direct Mail” tab on your Home Page.

Question:  How Do I Know How How Much Money I’m Making?

ANSWER:   It’s quite easy to keep track of your income %%FIRST_NAME%%.  When you set up your Free Account with the Shopping Portals, your Income & Referrals will be displayed in those accounts.  Simply log into your account to check your Income anytime you wish.  Here are the instructions for each shopping portal:

Rakuten:  Click on your account name in the upper right hand corner & then choose either “My Account” or “Cash Back Balance.”

Top Cash Back:  Click on “Account” in the upper right hand corner & then choose “Earnings”

Mr. Rebates:  Click on “My Account” in the upper left & then choose “Account Balance”

Question:  When Do I Get Paid?

ANSWER:  Some Shopping Portals allow you to select whether you want to receive your Profits via Check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, etc.  Top Cash Back pays via PayPal only so if you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s very easy and free to open one up Here.

When you get paid can vary slightly with each Shopping Portal.  Some have small minimum payouts such as $10 while others have no minimums.  Rakuten pays out Profits on a Quarterly Basis (every 3 months) while the others pay you Each Month for the sales of the previous month which allows time for refunds, exchanges, etc. that can occasionally occur.  

If you’re a SHOP Broker %%FIRST_NAME%%, you can receive your profits upfront ($49 per SHOP) on a daily basis if you’re promoting through the Mail just like the Company does using the exact same Sales Literature the Company uses.

Online sales are processed for you %%FIRST_NAME%% and the total profits are paid to you each month on the 15th.  As a SHOP Broker you’ll have full traffic and sales reports for your Broker’s website which is only available to SHOP Brokers so if you’re not a Broker you won’t have this report in your SHOP’s home page.

Question:  How do I set up my Free Cash Back Shopping Links?

ANSWER:  Each Shopping Portal will be slightly different %%FIRST_NAME%%, but for the most part it all simply entails setting up Free Account in order to establish your Tracking Link (also called a “Referral Code”) and then copying that link into the “My Links” section of your SHOP’s home page.  Then you’ll be ready to start using your new business Personally as well as share your SHOP website with others to start making money. 

Follow the instructions in Question #1 to create your Free Accounts and activate your Cash Back Profits for each of the Shopping Portals.  Shopping Portals are simply Links to Payment Processors that we use to track your Shoppers purchases at thousands of stores world wide.  Be sure to use the links provided for you in your home page %%FIRST_NAME%% to be sure your tracking links are set-up properly.

We use several of these Shopping Portals which each have different Income Producing Features so you can pick and choose and combine the ones  that interested you.  We’ll go through the Benefits of each one individually below.  Please note that these can change slightly from time to time:

Rakuten offers $30 per referral (it was previously $25) as a cash bonus %%FIRST_NAME%%, and you can receive these Profits by either Check or PayPal.  To get set up, click on Join Now and enter your email address and create a password.  In the top right corner, choose My Account.  Click that for the drop down menu, and choose Big Fat Payment settings.  You can add a physical address to have a check mailed to you or choose PayPal.  They have a quarterly payout schedule (every three months).

Top Cash Back pays you a $20 Cash Bonus for each referral and you can receive your profits by Gift Card, Direct Deposit into a Checking/Savings account, or by PayPal.

Mr. Rebates offers 30% Cash Back Profits and pays 20% Profits based on the savings of everyone who signed up for free from your SHOP website forever!  You can receive your Profits by Check or PayPal.  $10 is the minimum payment amount you can request to be mailed to you or paid through PayPal.

If you have any problems or questions, Please contact us at

Question:  How do I start referring others to my SHOP using a computer? 
ANSWER:  It’s easy to get referrals and make money with your SHOP with the help of a computer.  We have Free Email Ads, Free Banner Ads and Free Social Media Posts available for you to use %%%FIRST_NAME%% to bring shoppers to your SHOP so they can sign-up for the free service.  Furthermore, each individual Shopping Portal on your Website has additional Free Marketing Materials you can use such as Banner Ads, Automated Emails, Automated Posts to Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Question:  How do I start referring others to my SHOP without a computer? 

ANSWER:  It’s easy to get referrals and make money with your SHOP without the help or use of a computer %%FIRST_NAME%%.  This can be done through our Free Direct Mail program.

We also have some additional tools available that you can use such as Postcards and a Full Color copy of the Flyers all at very reasonable prices so it’s easy when it comes to investing to build your business.  Obviously these items are strictly optional because your SHOP requires no additional expenses to run even though additional investment can grow your SHOP faster.

Question:   How do I know how many Referrals I have and how much I’m making? 

ANSWER:  It’s slightly different depending on which Shopping Portal you’re checking.  It’s very easy and will most likely be self explanatory for each account when you sign in %%FIRST_NAME%%, but we’ll break down the Instructions based on the Shopping Portal so you know exactly how to retrieve this information anytime you want it.  With each Portal, you will have to log in or sign into your account in order to check these stats.

Rakuten:  From the main page, select the My Account option.  From your Accounts Dashboard, you’ll be able to access all this information.  

Top Cash Back:  Select the Account Tab and then either the My Dashboard or the Earnings Tab.

Mr. Rebates:  Click on the My Account Tab to view both a summary and details of your Cash Back Profits.

Question:  Why should I become a SHOP Broker? 

ANSWER:  Becoming a SHOP Broker allows you to sell SHOP’s to Other People and thus earn an extra Income.  Right now, we’re seeing a surge in people looking for ways to make money from home.  The SHOP business is the perfect solution for them

As a SHOP Broker %%FIRST_NAME%%, we’ll provide you with Website that is strictly designed to sell SHOP’s to others.  The Website is just just $29.95 per month so for about $1 per day, you’ll have a Full Time Sales Website that All your Shoppers will see when they visit your SHOP converting them from mere Shoppers to SHOP Owners to Increase your Income.  

Question:  When I enter my Website Address (URL) I get an Error message that says; “Page Not Found”? 

ANSWER:   Your probably just entering the address incorrectly or in the wrong place %%FIRST_NAME%%.  Make sure you’re entering your Website address correctly and in the Address Bar at the top of your screen, and not in a Search Engine field such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


The easiest way is to simply click the link in your home page which will take you directly to your website.  This is the same link that is included in all your Free advertising so it’s what customers will use so they won’t have any problems accessing your website.

Question:  Why am I being asked to pay a monthly Hosting fee – I thought it was Free?
ANSWER:  You may see some information that accompanied your SHOP in regards to the Additional Opportunity of becoming a SHOP Broker %%FIRST_NAME%% which does have a small monthly Hosting fee associated with it.  Becoming a SHOP Broker is completely optional so this fee is not for your SHOP and you do not have to pay it unless you want to take advantage of the extra Income that can be generated as a SHOP Broker.

Question:  How can my customers and I receive Cash Back Profits when shopping Offline directly at the store? 

ANSWER:  This is a fantastic option that is available for you and your customers.  Offered through your Rakuten Shopping Portal are two different ways to get cash back when offline.  

#1.  You can link your favorite credit card to whatever store you will be shopping.  You can do this from your Rakuten shopping portal or there’s also an App that you can get so you can link the card right in the store.

#2  You can also get a new a Visa Card that Can be used when Shopping Online and Offline everywhere Visa is accepted.  When Shopping Online, you can increase the Profits your receive by an additional 3% more than you would normally receive.  When you find yourself physically at the store or buying items that can’t be purchased Online such as Fuel for your car, etc. you can use the Cash Back Visa Card to still receive Cash Back Profits from most all the things you buy in person!

After you sign into your Rakuten Shopping Portal, simply go to the bottom of the page and you’ll find information on both options.