Become A SHOP Broker


And Increase Your Income!

It’s a fact reader, in today’s world, more and more people are looking for a side business they can do to make extra money and gain some kind of financial security.  The SHOP is the perfect business for them.

  It only takes about 5 minutes per day so anyone can do it!

  There’s no selling involved & they receive $50 for giving away a free service just like you do!

  The website & Free advertising does all the work so they can money 24/7/365 just like you do!

  No special skills or knowledge is required so anyone can do it – they don’t even need a computer!

  It’s only $99 for your customers to get started with their very own Online Business & that tiny investment gets totally reimbursed with just 2 Free signups!

  You receive a $49 profit for each & every SHOP business – and we set everything up so it’s completely hands off for you reader!

One of the best features reader is that we’ll handle the sales process for you!  When someone signs up for your Free service, we’ll automatically send them a series Emails explaining the benefits of owning a SHOP business along with the How To Make Money Online course (2 automated businesses in 1) where they can make money with absolutely NO personal selling!  It’s what everyone is looking for reader!

Easily Turn Your $50 Profit Into $99 reader!

You’ll get $50 when they signup for Free and start using the service to save money on all their shopping needs.  Without any additional effort on your part reader, you’ll receive an additional $49 when they get their SHOP business and we handle everything through an automated sales funnel.  We also handle all order fulfillment and customer service so it’s completely hands-off for you!

Think for a moment reader about all the benefits you’ll have by adding this business to your money making arsenal.  One single sale more than covers your total monthly investment.  The Online business revolution has made this all possible – at no time in past history could a person operate a profitable business for less than $1 per day!

Upgrade Your SHOP Business Today reader & Take It To A Whole New Level!

or use the order form on page 5 of your SHOP Owners Manual (you can download the form HERE)

Hi reader, once you place your order you will have instant access to your new SHOP Broker business directly from your Home Page so no need to wait on an email, and nothing needs to be shipped.

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