Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

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Question:  What Steps Should I Take To Get My New Business Started?

ANSWER:  %%FIRST_NAME%%, since your new business is Automated, it requires very little to get it started and operate.  It’s a Set it & Forget it type of business, but you do need to set it up first.  A few simple steps will get you all set up …

Step 1.  Go over the information here in your Private Back Office Home Page to get familiar with how your Online  Business works.  

Step 2.  Use the tools provided here in your Private Back Office to Advertise your Business.  As true with any and all Businesses, you need to advertise it to get customers.  Included are several Free Advertising Options such as Emails, Social Media Posts, and Banner Ads.  

All these options can be set up quite quickly, and then afterwards, most of them will advertise your business day and night 24/7 on autopilot.  To set them up, most simply requires you to open a free online account where you can copy one of the supplied, and then be able to manage ads in your account. 

You already have an email account %%FIRST_NAME%% so we’ll use a Banner Ad as an example.  To set up a Banner Ad, you would simply open a free account with a Banner Exchange company.  Copy one of the supplied Banner Ads into your account.  They will email you the code for a Banner Ad to be placed on your website which you simply forward to us, and we’ll take care of it.  Your done %%FIRST_NAME%%.  The Banner Exchange company can then place your Banner Ad on hundreds of other websites where those  visitors can click on it to be taken directly to your website.

We’ll take care of all Order Processing, Product Delivery, and Customer Service for you.

Question:  What Options Do I Have To Generate More Income & Additional Revenue Streams?

ANSWER:   There are several options you have %%FIRST_NAME%% to increase the income generated by your Online Business and create Additional Income Streams for you and your family.  These will be detailed in your main SHOP Home Page, but they all compliment your Online Training Business.

For example, Your Online Training Business can be advertised through the Free Direct Mail program.  You can send different offers to the same list at different times to make the most of it, and it doesn’t cost you anything! 

You can also go through the Online Training Course yourself to pick up all the knowledge it contains about making money Online.

Question:  How Are Profits From The Online Training Course Split?

ANSWER:   The course sells for $119, and you’ll receive the Lion share of the profits %%FIRST_NAME%%!

We’ll take care of all the order details including Billing, Fulfillment, Customer Service, Transaction Fees, etc. for just $19 so you receive a full $100 profit per sale!

Question:  How Do I Know How How Much Money I’m Making?

ANSWER:   It’s quite easy to keep track of your income %%FIRST_NAME%%.  From your Online Training Home Page, simply click on the tab that says “Sales Report” which will show all your websites activities and you can view the activity to your Online Training Business.

Question:  When Do I Get Paid?

ANSWER:  We’ll pay you by PayPal at the end of each month.  This will be for sales that occurred for previous months after any adjustments have been made for refunds, bad payments, etc. 

If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s very easy and free to open one up Here.

Simply enter the Email Address that is associated with your PayPal account in the section located in your SHOP Home Page “Profile”

Question:  How Does The Refundable Security Deposit Work?

ANSWER:  It’s very simple %%FIRST_NAME%%, a refundable security deposit lets us know that you’re serious about starting your business in order to generate sales and income.  This allows us to go forward with the time and expense of setting everything up for you and eliminates people who are not serious or simply change their mind without doing anything.  From the $19 we receive, we’ll apply $9.70 towards your deposit so your entire deposit is paid back after just 10 sales.  This creates a win/win situation.