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Question:  What Steps Should I Take To Get My New Brokers Business Started?

ANSWER:  %%FIRST_NAME%%, we will take care of all the day to day activities of your business so you don’t have to mess with them; Order Processing, Order Fulfillment, Customer Service, etc. so all you have to do is introduce people to your business.

Many of the people you refer to your SHOP’s free service will be interested in the business side of it which can turbo-charge their success and the amount of money they receive.  You’ll have access to your referrals in your Shopping Portal Back Office so you can send them information on becoming a SHOP Owner.

%%FIRST_NAME%%, don’t forget about the money that can be made Offline either.  This information will be in your Brokers Owners Manual that you received (you can also download this manual above).

Question:  How Does The Free Direct Mail Program Work?

ANSWER:   We use a Program called “Piggyback Mailing” %%FIRST_NAME%% to get Your Advertising for Free!  If you haven’t heard of this, you’ve probably seen it in the past without even realizing it.  Companies will “Share” the cost of the Mailing, by including advertisements for other companies along with their own.  These are non-competing companies so their advertisements don’t conflict with each other, and the costs are reduced for each company so it’s a Win/Win situation.

Direct Mail had declined some by the use of Email and other Electronic deliver methods, however %%FIRST_NAME%%, there are still a lot of companies that use Direct Mail (just look in your Mailbox) and desperately look for New Mailing Lists in order to send out their Advertisements.

A Division of our company sells High Quality Mailing Lists that specialize in Business Opportunities and are some of the most sought after in the Industry.  We have Mailing Lists that include Hundreds of Thousands of individuals that are interested in starting a Business.  Companies that offer Business Opportunities pay the Industry Standard Price of $100 per 1,000 names.  Sure, you can find cheaper lists %%FIRST_NAME%%, but they’re no good, and  Companies that send out regular Mailings know this so they don’t buy the cheap ones.

Getting Customers is easy because the Customers come to you %%FIRST_NAME%%.  When these companies send you their Business Opportunity offers in the Mail, you simply return a Brochure to them (the Brochure will include a price list for the Mailing Lists and an easy way for them to order Online or Offline)!

The minimum order is 1,000 names and we double that order for Free in exchange for the Company sending out an advertisement for Your Business in their Mailing.  It doesn’t increase their Postage cost, and Double the Names means more Sales for everyone so it’s still a Win/Win for everyone. 

We take care of logistics of the mailing and handle your ad for you so after you send the brochure, it’s completely hands off for you.  Of course, large companies (like us, and even much larger usually order quantities of 25,000 to 50,000 names at a time!).

You can easily ad this service to your Online Business by using the link on your main SHOP Home Page.

Question:  How Do I Know How How Much Money I’m Making?

ANSWER:   Simply click on the tab that says “Sales Report” on your Brokers Home Page %%FIRST_NAME%%.  This will show your earnings as well as traffic stats for both your SHOP & SHOP Brokers websites.

Question:  When Do I Get Paid?

ANSWER:  All earnings from your SHOP Broker business are paid out monthly either by Company Check to the current address in your Profile (so please keep all that information updated) or by PayPal. 

Online sales are processed for you and the total profits are paid to you each month on the 15th.

If you’re using any of the available Offline advertising that’s available in your SHOP Brokers Manual, you can either have the order sent to us or you can have the customer send their order and payment directly to you. 

If you have the order sent directly to you, simply cash the customers payment, take out your profit of $49 per SHOP order, and immediately send us the balance with the order so we can fulfill it.  This way, you get your money on a daily basis, and you’ll be making sales through the Mail just like the Company does using the exact same Sales Literature the Company uses. 

Question:  When I enter my Website Address (URL) I get an Error message that says; “Page Not Found”? 

ANSWER:   Your probably entering the address incorrectly or in the wrong place.  %%FIRST_NAME%%, make sure you’re entering your Website address correctly and in the Address Bar at the top of your screen, and not in a Search Engine field.

The simplest way is to use the link in your Homepage which will take you directly to your website.  This is the same link that is included in all your Free advertising so customers won’t have any problems accessing your website.

This is your Direct Link:

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