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%%FIRST_NAME%%, for your convenience, we provide all support in a written format by Email.  We have found this to be the most effective & beneficial way of communicating because you have the answers to your questions, additional instructions, explanations, etc. always in front of you so you can access them anytime you need. 

Before submitting your question, please be sure to go through your Owners Manual & Private Back office, and check out all the guides and tips available as most questions will be answered through these resources.  

When submitting your questions, please be very specific in what you need help with so we’ll be able to provide you with the best assistance possible.  For example, a question that simply says “I need help” doesn’t tell us much.  Tell us exactly “what” you need help with, and we’ll be able to take care of your needs.  

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Email:  support@myedgeco.com   (Please include your Full Name & Customer ID.)

Fax:  913-402-9414   (Please include your Full Name & Customer ID.)

Mail:  IBS, Inc. * PO Box 27347 * Shawnee Mission, KS 66225-7347 * (Please include your Full Name & Customer ID.)

There are several reasons for our support policy %%FIRST_NAME%%:

It’s personal.  All our support providers are volunteers who operate their own successful SHOP business, and have been approved to offer support to new SHOP owners to help them getting started.  They are not employees who sit at a desk all day.  They are successful business owners who can help you from personal experience.  We cannot have them giving out their personal phone numbers and do not allow them to discuss private matters such as their personal income.  We don’t believe this high level of support for new SHOP owners could be achieved over the phone.

It’s efficient.  Through email support, we can forward your email to a volunteer who is most capable of providing the best support for you.  You are assigned to one person who will always communicate with you.  This way, you are not put on hold or transferred around to different individuals trying to get your questions answered which makes the best use of your time, and ours.

It’s accurate.  Online support allows us to keep detailed records in one place which ensures nothing gets lost in translation.  We always have access to previous emails so you never have to repeat your questions.  This is simply not possible through phone support.

It’s faster.  With all the support benefits above, this allows us to provide the most effective support in the least amount of time which means you receive the help you need to get started faster.

We do provide phone support for billing  through employees of the company, but they are not qualified to answer any questions about your business.

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