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A Membership Business That Has …

Profits That Increase Every Month!
          Frustrated That You Don’t Make Enough Money?  Here’s More Than You Need!

Hands Off Complete Automation!
          Afraid Having No Business Or Technology Skills is Holding You Back?  Relax & Enjoy!

Effortlessly Managed Anytime, Anywhere!
          Hate The Rat Race, Traffic Jams, Grumpy Bosses, Deadlines, Etc?  Those End Now!

Multiple Streams Of Income!
          Worried About Money If You Lose Your Job Or Can’t Work?  Forget About It!

Fully Hosted Website (With $800+ In Monthly Bonuses!)
          Afraid You’re Missing Out On All The Internet Money?  We Do It For You!

Sales Are Generated For You 24/7!
          Sick & Tired Of A Low Paying Job You Hate?  Here’s Fun, Freedom & 24/7 Money!

100% Guaranteed & Much, Much More!


How Would You Like To Be Paid For Sales Made Last Month … Again?  
This Month, Next Month, And Every Month Afterwards!

“It Is Literally True, That You Can Succeed Best & Quickest By Helping Others To Succeed” – Napoleon Hill

When you Own a Membership Business, you’re paid over and over again each month for the same customers, and as the number of customers grow, so does your Monthly Income!  We also  Provide  2 proven methods (we’ll discuss in detail later) that cost you no money to use and are Guaranteed to get members into your business Fast & Easy to start your Income Snowballing right away!

Below is a Conservative estimate of how your Monthly Income can grow to over $7,000.00 in the next 12 months with this Fully Automated Membership Business! 

Our Free Autoresponder Marketing System can easily generate hundreds of new leads per day, but we’re estimating at just 1 single member per day to be Ultra conservative!  Referred members are ones that we pay other members to refer to your business at no cost to you through our Paid Referral Program (more about this later) and can easily average 25% or higher and Canceled Members are figured on the high side at 5%. 

Get Your Membership Business Today
First Year Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Current Members 0 38 83 137 201 279 372 484 619 780 973 1206
New Members (Ave 30/Month) 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Referred Members (25%) 8 17 28 42 58 77 101 129 162 202 251 309
Canceled Members (5%)
0 -2 -4 -7 -10 -14 -19 -24 -31 -39 -49 -60
Net Members @ $4.95 Each 38 83 137 201 279 372 484 619 780 973 1,206 1,484
Monthly Income $186 $408 $676 $996 $1,381 $1,843 $2,398 $3,036 $3,861 $4,819 $5,968 $7,347

The Next 12 Months Will Come & Pass … Where Will You Be Then?

There’s no stopping the next 12 months from eventually becoming history – the question is … what will your financial situation be like then?  If you get your Membership Business today, you can be making a very substantial & growing monthly income.  The first 12 months are fantastic, but the second 12 Months of your business is Phenomenal as your Income can climb to a very high 5-Figure Monthly Income which will still continue to Grow!  

“I Will Always Find A Lazy Person To Do A Difficult Job, Because They Will Find An
Easy Way To Do It”
– Bill Gates

Hands Off Complete Automation!

Our Automation process allows you to be completely lazy and still enjoy massive success with your Membership Business!   We provide a Life changing Program (naturally called the Life Planner) for your members Costing Thousands of Dollars and Years of Ongoing Research & Development to create so it’s completely Hands-Off for you!  This is the Key to your Profits because when you provide members with incredibly High Value at a Very Low Cost, they sign up in droves!  And all those small Monthly Membership Fees add up to Huge Profits for you Each and Every Month without ever stopping!

You’ll have 2 “Set It & Forget It” Automated Systems (both Online & Offline) making it easy to bring in New Members without having to spend any time or money doing it yourself.  

We offer a lot of Hi Quality Programs featuring Advice from some of the worlds Highest Achievers, and Most Successful Millionaires & Billionaires Absolutely Free which easily attracts a very large number of people.  Who wouldn’t want Free Coaching from a Billionaire?

You will be able to see all these people (Name & Email) in your Private Back Office, and when they like what they see, they become Paying Members!           

Your Attention Please!!!

Getting customers is all about getting Attention … and Free Stuff gets people’s attention AND gets them Interested in YOUR Business!  

It’s super easy!  Once someone signs up for a Free Program, your companies Auto Responder takes over by sending them automatic messages containing Special Techniques, Strategies, and Tactics they can use to improve their lives. 

In each message, they encouraged (and given special bonuses) to upgrade to one of your Paid Membership programs for a small monthly fee to unlock its Full Potential, and give you a Hefty Monthly Income!

This Auto Responder is a Free Bonus that comes with your Membership Business and makes it Super Easy to bring in new members!  It’s Totally Automated so you can be making money from new members while your off having fun!  

People WILL Talk Behind Your Back!

The Key to Wealth is Simple – sell Products that are Valuable & Desirable to others, and make them Happy by giving them Much More than they expect. 

Happy customers habitually talk to others about things they like (Movies, Restaurants, Books, Etc.).  We turbo charge this natural process by paying your members Cash to refer others to your business which can instantly give you an army of Sales people generating lots of New Members at no cost to you!       

The first referral program used to Automatically Grow your Business & Income for you is called the Free For Three program which makes their membership Free for just referring 3 other people!  You still get paid full price for their membership.  The next is called the More For Four program which allows your members to receive an Income for every additional person they refer to your business and Everyone is looking for additional Income these days!

It’s nothing knew – you see it all the time, “Invite a friend & receive some kind of Free Gift / Bonus / Reward / Etc.”  Airlines do it, Banks do it, Gyms do it, and so on.  Why?  Because it works!  It’s that simple, and it allows you to sit back and let your members grow your business without you having to do any hard work!

“Choose A Job You Love, And You Will Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life”– Confucius

Effortlessly Managed Anytime, Anywhere!

There’s No traffic to fight, No stressful deadlines to meet, No annoying boss breathing down your neck, etc. so you’re in complete control because it’s your business & it’s Total Freedom!  

The only task you have as the owner is deciding how you want to collect your monthly membership fees (by Check, or directly online through PayPal/Direct Deposit to your bank account each month) and then deciding on which Automated Free Advertising System (Online or Offline) you want to use so members can sign up.  It’s Fast, Easy, and Free!  We handle everything else.

You can check your Income, Memberships, and everything else directly online whenever you want from wherever you want using a computer, tablet, or smart phone.  If you don’t have any of these, the information will be sent to you by mail with your Check each month so you’ll always know how your business is doing!  

“In Todays Uncertain Economy, The Safest Solution To Be Wealthy, Be In Total Control And Enjoy Freedom For You And Your Family Is To Have Multiple Streams Of Income” – Robert G Allen

Multiple Streams Of Income!

Your Members can purchase additional products and services that pay you extra income in addition to their monthly membership fees. 

You’ll also be able to make money from Google Ads, Blogs, Product sales from Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, and other sources of income which can benefit you and your family in many ways by providing More Money, Financial Security, Free Time, and more.  

You’re Paid Each & Every Month (by Check / PayPal / Direct Deposit, whichever you prefer) for a solid Monthly Income you can depend on forever!

“Once You Have Experienced Excellence, You Will Never Again Be Content With Mediocrity” – Thomas Monson

Fully Hosted & Managed Website!

 Forget about confusing computer work or having to face a “learning process” to get your new Membership Business up and running.  You’ll have a Full Time team of professionals working for you to ensure your success!  Get started Today, and you’ll receive 2 Free Bonuses worth over $800/Monthly!

Free Customized Computer Programming ($360/Month Value) Want something added to your website (Ads, Products, Blogs, etc.) to make  additional money – just let us know and we’ll do it for you!

Free Auto Responder With 100,000 Leads ($499/Month Value)
Check out the $$$ Webenar, Aweber, GetResponse, Etc. charge monthly!  

After experiencing your new business, you’ll wish everything was this perfect and easy in life!

“If You Don’t Learn How To Make Money While You Sleep, You Will Work Until You Die” – Warren Buffett

Sales Generated For You 24hrs/Day, 7 Days/Week!

That’s good advice coming from one of the Richest men on earth, and your Membership Business allows you to live your life the way you want!

While you’re fast asleep (or just off enjoying yourself doing other things) your Membership Business will be busy at work getting new members and generating more income for you around the clock 24/7 through it’s Free Advertising System, Free Referral Program,  and Free Auto Responder – Nothing could be Easier!

“It Is Literally True, That You Can Succeed Best & Quickest By Helping Others To Succeed” – Napoleon Hill

1 Year, 100% Money Back Guaranteed & Much More!

Your Complete Satisfaction is fully Guaranteed with our Iron Clad, 1 Year Guarantee so it’s Completely Risk Free!  We want people who are serious about making money (not someone who just gets a business and does nothing with it) and You want a business that Works & Makes Money!  We will Customize an Exclusive “Success Blueprint” for you that’s Easy to follow, Free to use, and Guaranteed to Generate Profits for you.  Its only condition is that you use it.  You want to Make Money and Improve your life, Right?  If so, then this condition won’t affect you at all because if you aren’t Absolutely Thrilled with the Money you make using it, simply let us know anytime within 1 Full Year and we’ll Refund 100% of your money!

A Full Year To Try It Out With Nothing To Lose!

By Owning A Membership Business, This Man Is Making
Money For Him & His Family … At This Very Moment!

You’ll own a fully automated Membership Business that will generate profits for you each and every month.  These Monthly Profits will continue to grow larger and larger as the number of members increase.  The best part, your members are paid to bring in other members (because it works!) so your business & income grows automatically while you’re off enjoying life! 

The total financial investment to have your very own Membership Business with all the bonuses worth over $800 per month (and start receiving an ongoing Monthly Income!) is just $97 and nothing else – Ever!  There are no additional costs for advertising, inventory, etc. and your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed after starting your business!  Imagine; a Profitable, Growing Business for probably less than you’ll spend for Cable this month!

Sign Up Today & Get These Bonuses Valued At Over $800/Month!

Free Life Planner Diamond Membership For Your Entire Family! ($49.80/Month Value!)

More Than Just A Goal Setting Program, Life Planner Is The Most Complete System Ever Made Consisting Of Decades Of Research In Human Achievement & Comprised Of Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Top Techniques From The Best Teachers, The Best Time Managers, The Biggest Achievers, The Most Successful Millionaires & Billionaires, And Much More To Give You Clarity And Purpose So You Can Accomplish More, Achieve Better, Faster Results With Less Effort, Make Your Visions Reality, And Create The Perfect Life For Yourself!

Personalized Computer Programming! ($360/Month Value!)

Your Website Will Come Pre-Programmed With Income Generating Features To Provide You With Several Streams Of Income. However, Let’s Say You Want To Have Google Ads On Your Website To Make Additional Money. Maybe You Want To Sell E-books Or Products From Clickbank, Ebay, Amazon, Etc. On Your Website. Simply Let Us Know And Our Programs Will Make It Happen! Normally Billed At $120/Hr (3 Hr Minimum) For Customized Computer Programming, It’s Available To You Each & Every Month At No Cost!

Free Auto Responder With 100,000 Leads! ($499/Month Value!)

Your Membership Business Comes With A Free Auto Responder Which Is Set Up & Managed For You. Other Companies Charge Anywhere From $19/Month (no more than 500 leads) To $999/Month (100,000+ leads) For This Service. Companies Pay These Fees Because Auto Responders Bring In Customers! This Is Part Of The Complete Automation Of Your Business Where People Can Sign Up For Free, High Quality Programs That Lead Them Into Becoming Paying Customers And Generating A Steady Monthly Income For You & Your Family!

“The More We Share, The More We Have” – Leonard Nemoy

Why We Offer So Much For So Little?

It’s simple, and it’s the Key to Your Success.  By Serving others with unprecedented value in exchange for very little in return, Small Profits add up to Huge Earnings!  By providing all this for just $8/month (billed annually for the first year, then monthly)  we have very happy business owners and very happy program members which means more success for everyone!

The Life Planner Program, which your Business sells automatically for you, offers Memberships ranging from $4.95 to $14.95 monthly which gives you a Steady, Dependable, High-Figure Monthly Income that will continue to Grow Each & Every Month! 

Get started Today so you don’t miss out on the 3 exclusive Bonuses worth over $800/Monthly!  Your complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed so you have nothing to lose and a full Year to check it out and enjoy the benefits.  Live life to its fullest while making money at the same time!  

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Afterwards, your Business & Autoresponder will do the work, and you can enjoy the benefits & income of owning a Completely Automated Membership Business.  Our support team of other Membership Business Owners will be here to help you all the way from Personal Experience!