Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

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Question:  What Steps Should I Take To Start Making Money With My Membership Business?

ANSWER:  Two simple steps will get your new Membership Business up and running …

Step 1.  Go over the information here in your Private Back Office to get familiar with how your Membership Business works.  

Step 2.  Use the tools provided in your Membership Business’s Success Blueprint.  These include Free Options for both Online and Offline Advertising.  A Membership Business starts slowly then grows and grows as it gets momentum (like a Snowball).  The biggest part of that momentum is generated by your members as they naturally talk about your program with people they know. Combined with the added incentive of being paid to spread the word about your company, you’ve got a lot of momentum in your members!  

To get that Snowball started, you can use the the Free Advertising methods we provide for you.  One of the best is your Free Autoresponder ($499/Month Value) to get leads. 

We do not recommend using any of many companies that offer “Free Viral Traffic” or similar terms.  These almost never work to generate any business as it is essentially people who signed up to sell their product/service advertising to others who did the exact same thing so it becomes a waste of time.  You will not need any of these gimmick types of advertising companies to market your new business.

The program your company offers is life changing for people.  The benefits are unmeasurable and helps everyone Young & Old, Man & Woman, Student & Professional, and on and on so just about anybody you encounter will be interested in it.

Question:  What Options Do I Have To Generate More Income & Additional Revenue Streams?

ANSWER:   There are several options you have to increase the income generated by your Membership Business and create Additional Revenue Streams for you and your family.

Option 1.  Become a Membership Business Broker.  This option allows you to sell Membership Businesses to others and generate 2 Additional Revenue Streams.  

First, you’ll receive $50 upfront Plus $4/month from each and every sale.    

Secondly, your Monthly Income is compounded because you receive 25% of the Total Income generated by All the Membership Businesses Combined!  You can get complete information about it on your Home Page.

Option 2:  Sell affiliate products on your Website.  You can open Free Accounts with Online Retailers such as Clickbank and Amazon to produce Additional Revenue Streams.  These Online Retailers will provide Links to you in order to sell other merchandise while they take care of the entire fulfillment process so it’s completely Hands-Off for you.  

You simply send those links to us, and our programmers will place them on your Website for you.

Option 3:  Sell your own products on your Website.  If you have any products or services that you sell yourself, simply send the information to us, and again, our programmers will place the information on your Website for you.

Option 4:  Advertising.  You can include advertising on your website from various Online sources. They’ll give you the HTML code to display ads, and once more, you simply send it to us and our programmers will handle it for you.

Question:  How Do I Access My Free Family Membership To The Life Planner?

ANSWER:   We’ve provided a special link on your Home Page that you can use to access the Life Planner program for free.  Each member of your family can have their own private Life Planner program while still using the same login information.

For you, and each member of your family, simply login into your Membership Business account and click on the Link that says “Life Planner Electronic Version” to gain access to the program.  Everyone can use the same link to
gain access to their Planner, but the information is saved one each family members personal electronic device (generally a personal computer, tablet, phone, etc.) so everything is kept private for the person using the program.

Question:  How Can I Add Additional Streams Of Income To My Website?

ANSWER:   This makes use of one of the bonuses you received with your Membership Business.  You receive Free Website Programming which is normally billed at $120/hr with a 3hr minimum.

Your website is yours to be used as you like it.  It can be personalized with just about anything you want.  If you have Google Ads that you want to display on your website, simply copy the code that Google gives to you and send it to us.  Our programmers will install it to your computer at no charge.

Please Note:  If you do not currently have a Google Adsense Account, you need to set one up using a free Blog Website Address. is already registered with them so you cannot use your Membership Website URL to set it up.  This will also be true with Banner & Link Exchange companies.

If you want to add products to sell from Clickbank or you have your own Ebook that you want to sell. Simply copy the link (code given to you by Clickbank or the one you have set up for anything else) and send it to us by email.

We’ll also help you add additional income streams to by offering your existing customers additional items they can purchase to provide additional benefits to themselves and their family’s.  You always receive profits on any and all future purchases from your members.

Question:  How Do I Start Referring Others To My Membership Business Using A Computer?

ANSWER:   A computer will give you access to send Emails, make Posts in your Social Media accounts, create free Blogs, and more.

The first thing we recommend is to send and email to everyone in your Contact List.  When your company provides a life-changing product at a price that’s next to nothing, you obviously want to make it available to the people you know.
 Especially, if you know someone who is hurting; maybe they’re battling with depression or anger or something else.  Your Life Plan program will help them tremendously.  If you know someone who is doing great; that’s wonderful – your Life Plan program will help them do even better!

It’s very easy to send them an email and they can take advantage of the free information.  If they like it, they’ll make the wise decision on their own to become a member so there’s nothing you have to try and “convince” them to do.

Start using your Lead Capture Pages, and other free advertising options to start generating leads and customer sales.

If you don’t already have several Social Media accounts, you’ll want to open some.  They’re all free and the more the better.  Sites include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Snapchat, Quora, Periscope, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, VK, Tumblr, Meetup,, Google Plus, and more.  Social Media is a great place to post your offer for the free information.

Blogs are another great way to give away free information (we’ll provide this for you) and gain paying members for your business.  Check out the Blog section on your Home Page for more information and links to set up a free Blog
.  You can also do an Internet search for “how to create a Blog” or something similar to get a lot of step-by-step guidance.  In addition, you can use your Blog website to open free accounts with advertisers such as Google Adsense and others to automatically place ads on your website to make extra money..  

With your Blog website, you can also make use of the Free Banner Ads with an Exchange Company. Banner exchange programs allow members to share advertising space on each other’s websites.  They are free to set up, and are a great way to generate traffic to your website
.  This will place a Banner Ad for your Blog website on other websites so those visitors can learn about your service.  A simple Internet search for Banner Exchange Program will pull up several Exchange companies that you can use.  

You’ll be able to set up a free account with them using your Blog Website Address and then upload the Banner Ad of your choice from your Home Page.  We’ll provide the code for the Banner Ad so all you do is copy it to your account with the Exchange company you’re using.  The Exchange will then give you the HTML code for a Banner Ad to place on your Blog website which you again just copy and send to us so our programmers can load it into your website for you.  
It’s very simple.  Privacy policies do not allow us to access your personal account you’ll need to copy it yourself.

Question:  How Do I Start Referring Others To My Membership Business Without A Computer?

ANSWER:   With our Automated Free Direct Mail program.

Free Direct Mail Advertising:  By downloading and using the Forms from the “Direct Mail” section of your home page, you can get Direct Mail Advertising for your Membership Business absolutely free.  This form can be sent back to any companies that you receive a business opportunity offer from in the mail.  This form, which sells Mailing Lists, is Only for companies who mail you their business opportunity offers so you do not order anything from this form.  We’ve fine tuned this strategy to make is super simple because your target customers actually contact you.  When you receive an Offer in the mail from companies advertising their Business Opportunities, simply send them back a copy of the form so they can order Mailing Lists. 

Here’s how it works:  When a company purchase a Mailing List to send out their Advertisement to potential customers, an Advertisement for your Membership Business will be included in their Envelope at no cost to you.  This kind of mailing is referred to as “Piggyback Mailing” and is very common.  Companies love it because we double their order for Free (they order 1,000 names and we send them 2,000) in exchange for your Ad being included in the envelope which doesn’t increase their normal Advertising costs or compete with their product/service.  It’s completely Automated so we take care of making sure an Advertisement for your Membership Business is sent out in the mail (minimum quantity is 2,000 Advertisements) and there’s nothing you have to order, schedule or pay! 

To prepare the Order Form, all you need to do is write your name and address on it so all orders come directly to you so you know when you’ll have Free Advertising for your Health Store.  Simply forward the order onto us and we’ll take care of everything!  It’s very important to keep a list of the companies you send the order form too for your records.

Question:  How Do I Know How How Much Money I’m Making?

ANSWER:   To view your income at any given time, simply click on the tab that says “Sales Reports.”  The Sales Report will give you a full view of your website’s activity.

Question:  How And When Do I Get Paid?

ANSWER:   Profits are paid out each and every month through either by Check or PayPal.  Please be sure to keep your address current in your Profile if you wish to be paid by check or your PayPal email address current and correct in your Profile by entering the email address that is associated with your PayPal account in the section provided.  

Profits are paid out at the end of each month.  Profits will be paid in the following month after they occur.  For example, all sales for January will be processed and paid out in February.

Question:  How Do I Put A Link To Sell Other Items Onto My Membership Business Website?

ANSWER:   It’s very easy, we handle it for you.  All you do is send us the Link or HTML code for the item(s) you want on your website.  If you’re selling items from Clickbank or similar, they’ll give you the HTML code and you just copy and forward it to us.

Please have everything you want and send it together at one time so our programs can have your website completed for you.  In addition, please make sure that you’ve copied everything correctly as programmers will upload it to your site as provided.  If it doesn’t work, our programmers do not have a way to correct – you’ll need to go back to who gave you the code (Clickbank, etc.) and get the correct code.  Any time programmers have to spend for making corrections is not covered by the bonus so please make sure it’s copied correctly the first time which is very easy.

If you want the links placed in a specific place (very top or very bottom, left side or right side, etc.) please include this with your request so the programmers can place it correctly.  This is probably obvious, but programmers will not upload anything that is not allowed (illegal, offensive, adult oriented, etc.)

Customized programming is billed at $120/hr. with a 3 hour minimum.  The bonus provides you with one free session per month ($360/Month Value).