The Importance Of Belief In Yourself … And How To Get!

The 4 Minute Mile!

“What Your Mind Can Conceive & Believe, You Can Achieve” – Nepoleon Hill

The concept of the 4 minute mile is much more about simple “Belief” than it is about physical ability.  In other words, if you can change your Mind – then you can change your Life!  Back in April of 1954, the common belief worldwide was that Man was incapable of running a mile in under 4 minutes.  Nobody could do it because it was impossible.  

Then in May of that year, Roger Bannister proved everyone wrong.  Just a mere 2 months later, another runner (John Landy) ran the mile in under 4 minutes and since 1954 it’s been achieved by over 20,000 people, including many high school kids, and is now the standard of all male professional middle distance runners.

What changed?  After Roger Bannister accomplished the task, the belief was that it IS possible – it Can be done and HAS been done!  Runners took the track with the belief that now “I can do it too!”


Nothing Great Was Ever Accomplished Without Belief

Once Your Belief Becomes A Deep Conviction, Things Begin To Happen” – Muhammad Ali

We’ve seen this proven time and time again from the Wright Brothers taking flight in 1903 to Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in July, 1969.  You can be sure he didn’t enter the Apollo 11 space module with his crew mates (Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins) thinking to himself;  Well, this is going to be a one-way trip because I just don’t think it’s possible to send a man to the moon?

Every Challenge Is First Won or Lost Between The Ears!

That is why the Most Important Conversation you have is with yourself!  But most of the time we can be our own worst enemies.  Our minds can race with negative thoughts, doubts, insecurities, fears, and more that unfortunately talk ourselves out of accomplishing the great things we are capable of doing.  In fact, we easily talk ourselves out of ever even trying …

… So how do we control are inner voice and get back ownership of our mind and thoughts?  How do we change those negative thoughts that hold us back into positive, inspirational thoughts that drive us forward?  The good news is that it’s easier than you think and the moment you start to control your inner voice – the quality of your life will transform and  improve instantly in more ways than you can possibly imagine!  The key to changing this is to change our belief.  Right now, we have unconscious beliefs (ones we don’t even know we have) that put self limits on us.  The way to eliminate these negative beliefs and self doubts is to change them into beliefs of Certainty, and we do that through Visualization. 

Visualize The Results You Want Happening So Your Belief Becomes A Certainty!

The successful or non-successful accomplishment of our goals is a self fulfilling prophesy. In a negative way, which is where most people are, our Belief (mindset) at the start of something, if it’s not Certain Belief, will limit our Potential.  This is then transferred into our Actions.  We may attempt something with half hazard Actions and an “I don’t know if this will work” attitude.  Invariably, with less than 100% effort in our action, we’ll receive unsatisfactory Results.  This in turn reinforces our Belief that something is impossible or won’t work.  However, if our Belief is Certain, we’re able to use our full Potential with Actions that are sure and determined, and thus gives us positive Results.  This in turn, reinforces are Belief that it is possible and will work.  Either Positively or Negatively, it will feed upon itself.

Everyone has the potential to achieve anything.  Roger Banister’s record lasted a mere 46 days. In a very short time, other runners were accomplishing the sub 4 minute mile.  They always had the Potential, but their beliefs held them back. Banister Visualized himself running the mile in under 4 minutes before he could actually do it physically.  Your mind is the one place where you can execute everything you want to accomplish with absolute perfection. Conditioning your mind by visualizing the results you want to occur will reinforce your Belief and give you Certainty to accomplish it.  

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