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Picture THIS reader …

You Receiving Money From Hundreds Of Other Affiliate Websites!

With your own Website, you can now start turning your piles of “Junk Mail” into mountains of cash each and every month that you can continue to receive for a lifetime!  It will be nice to start receiving money (lots of money) from these companies instead of you sending them money for a change.

But besides you reader, there are  Thousands of other people who receive hundreds of Money Making offers in the mail each and every month – and just like you, they probably want to start looking forward to “Junk Mail” by making money from it.

I would rather earn 1% of a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” – J.D. Rockefeller.

How’s 20% Sound To You reader!?

This strong desire to turn “Junk Mail” into Cash gives you a very easy way to leverage and multiply your income by earning a whopping 20% (that’s much better than the 1% that made J.D. Rockefeller one of the richest men in the world) of the total revenues generated by hundreds, even thousands of people receiving “Junk Mail!”

reader, you can now use the same sales material we use (you being here is 100% proof it works!) to sign-up 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of Affiliate websites selling Mailing Lists to the company’s that MUST buy them to make money and stay in business themselves.  While all those other Affiliate websites work 24/7 generating sales, you’ll receive 20% of the total combined income from all of them – that can mean some serious cash!

Here’s A Snapshot Of What Can Be Made As A Junk Mail Broker!

With everything going on in the US today, people are frantically looking for ways to make extra money from home.  Obviously, no company can legally or ethically speculate on your earnings reader, but this business sells like hotcakes because anyone can place a brochure inside a return envelope so it’s an easy sale.

For each Affiliate Website, you’ll receive $37 up front ($3700 with just 100 Affiliates) plus here’s the exact dollar amount a Junk Mail (JM) Broker would make with just 100 Affiliate Websites each averaging the sales below:

Monthly Total

JM Broker’s Income

Monthly Total

JM Broker’s Income

Monthly Total

JM Broker’s Income

1,000 Names


10,000 Names


50,000 Names


2,000 Names


15,000 Names


75,000 Names


3,000 Names


20,000 Names


100,000 Names


4,000 Names


25,000 Names


200,000 Names


5,000 Names


30,000 Names


300,000 Names


A 2nd Website That Can Be Making You Money 24/7/365!

With our Free Mailing List offer of “Buy 1 – Get 1 Free” people are anxious to sign-up as your Affiliate so can now get a phenomenal amount of free direct mail advertising along with 75% of the purchase price the company pays for the list.  You make money every time someone just like you wants to turn that pile of “Junk Mail” into a mountain of money!  You’ll have a 2nd Website that can produce online sales for you 24/7 for just $29.95 per month!  It is completely set up, managed, and hosted for you and can easily be advertised for free so it can be working 24/7/365 earning you 20% of the total revenues generated from an enormous amount of people receiving an even more enormous amount of “Junk Mail!”

People Are Frantically Looking For Ways To Make Extra Money & You Can Be The Answer To Their Prayers!

With your 2nd Website, you can easily be making money (20% of the total revenues generated) by hundreds, even thousands of people who will all be working for you.  Your website gives them the chance to make money from their “Junk Mail” and provides you a totally hands off way to make a lot of extra money – all from other peoples efforts which can leverage and multiply your income just like Rockefeller leveraged and multiplied his income!  Get Started Today receiving $37 upfront + 20% of the combined revenue generated by ALL of your Affiliates each and every month – forever!

Hi reader, once you place your order you will have instant access to your new Junk Mail Broker business directly from your Home Page so no need to wait on an email, and nothing needs to be shipped.

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