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Your JM Broker Website Address (URL) is: 

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This will automatically be linked in your Banner Ads for you.

%%FIRST_NAME%%, you can easily use Banner Ads to share your JM Broker website with others

Banner Ads can be used with a Free Banner Exchange / Ad Network to automatically display an advertisement for your Business on many other websites so people can visit your JM website simply by clicking on the ad.

How it works;  A basic Internet search for a Banner Exchange, Ad Network, or something similar can pull up several companies that provide this service for free.  After you find the company you like %%FIRST_NAME%%, set up your free account following their online instructions.

Please Note:  When setting up your account, you’ll need to first create a Free Blog Website using the instruction in that section, and use that Website Address ( to set up your account.  Obviously you are the only person who has the authority to open this Free Account in your name.  Likewise, since we host all domains associated with they can’t be used to register your account.  No big deal since it’s easy to use a Free Blog Website.

After you have your account set up, simply upload the Banner Ad of your choice below by copying & pasting the HTML code next to it which is already linked to your Website, and place it into your account per their instructions.  

In return, the company will provide you with the HTML code for an ad to be placed on your website (or Blog website). If you want the ad placed on your Business Website, simply forward the code to us, and our programmers will upload it to your website.

If you’re using your Blog website, just follow the instructions provided by your Blog Host to copy the HTML code to your Blog. Since you’re just copying what’s provided to you, it’s very easy and you don’t need to know or learn anything about HTML code. Simply copy the code below the Banner Ad of your choice.

Again, to Link the Image, you will highlight the entire Image after Inserting it into your Email. Then select the Link option and enter (or ) your Website URL Address when asked for the Link.

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