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Question:  Now That I Have My Website & Brochure, What Steps Should I Take To Start Making Money?

ANSWER:  %%FIRST_NAME%%, It’s very easy.  Anytime you receive a money making offer in the mail, simply put your Brochure into their return envelope and mail it back to them.  They need to continuously purchase mailing lists every month to stay in business and make money themselves.  If you receive any offers by Email, or if the mailing offer contains their Email address, you can simply send a reply Email with your Website Address (you’ll find the link to your website on your on the front of your homepage.  As they purchase these products and services, you will automatically make money (75%!) while we take care of the Order Processing, Order Fulfillment, Customer Service – everything!  After you send back the Brochure, it’s completely hands off for you!

Question:  Is There A Way I Can Get More Companies To Contact Me With Their Offers?

ANSWER:   Yes, you’re already on some mailing lists which is why you currently receive various offers.  If you reply to the companies that are already sending you their offers (this can usually be done by email) and request additional information, you’ll automatically be placed on other mailing lists.  As more and more companies order these lists, you’ll receive more and more offers from other companies.

Question:  What Is The Difference Between Brochure #1 And Brochure #2?

ANSWER:   There’s only one difference in the Brochures so you simply choose the option that you prefer %%FIRST_NAME%%.  

Brochure #1 will have your name and address on it so orders would come directly to you.  This allows you to keep better track of any orders that come through the mail.  When you receive the order, you can make a note of who ordered and what quantity they ordered.  The check will be made out to you so you can cash it, and get your money right away.  You keep 75% of the purchase amount, and then simply send IBS, Inc. the order form, and the 25% balance of the order & we will take care of fulfilling the order so it’s completely hands-off for you!

Brochure #2 will have our address on it along with your ID on the order form which allows us to verify the order came from you.  We can then fulfill the order right away, and then pay you the 75% profit from the order.  This is similar to how Online orders work since we process those directly.  Online orders, and orders using Brochure #2 will show up in your Profit Report.

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Question:  How Do I Know My Free Advertising Is Getting Mailed Out?

ANSWER:   We verify that for you %%FIRST_NAME%%.  The lists that are sold are for a one-time use only which is standard.  Many companies will have more than 1 advertisement.  If they want to mail a different advertisement, they have to purchase the list again which means more Profits for you!  Again, this is an industry standard so most all companies are aware of this fact.  It’s the same way when our company purchases a mailing list.

Our mailing lists, like all lists sold, will be “Peppered” which simply means that the list has a few addresses in it so we receive the offer being mailed.  This allows us to verify that the list was used for the offer it was purchased for, as well as verify the inclusion of your advertisement.

Most companies use our Mailing House to send out their advertisement so this makes it very easy to verify these two aspects of the mailing.  However, even if they use an outside mailing house, we can still easily verify it.

Question:  What Will My Advertisement Look Like When It Is Mailed Out?

ANSWER:   That all depends on the advertisement that is being sent by the company that’s paying for everything.  To make this a win/win offer, your advertisement cannot increase the postage rate of the company paying the postage.  When we receive their sample mail piece (the advertisement they will be mailing) we’ll know the size and weight so we can then produce your advertisement accordingly.  

Don’t worry %%FIRST_NAME%%, we take care of all this for you.

Question:  How Do I Know How How Much Money I’m Making?

ANSWER:   To view your income for any given time %%FIRST_NAME%%, simply click on the tab that says “Sales Report” which is located on the main page of your home page.

Question:  How And When Do I Get Paid?

ANSWER:   Profits are paid out each and every month by a company check sent to the address provided on your account.  If your payment address ever changes, please make sure to update this in your Back Office Profile.  The minimum balance to be paid by check is $100.

Profits are paid out at the end of each month.  Profits will be paid in the following month after they occur.  For example, all sales for January will be processed and paid out in February.

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