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Read This Amazing Story & Learn How You Can Instantly Make Money From A Multi-Trillion Dollar Business
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Over $45 Million Dollars Will Be Made …  

… as you take the next 10 minutes to learn how to easily get your share of this money without any risk!  In fact, you can have the absolute financial security of an ongoing lifetime income!  Have you ever thought; how can I solve all my financial problems when I have No Cash, No Time, and know Nothing about making serious money?

If so, continue reading, and you’ll be able to answer that question without a doubt in your mind!

The Solution For Anyone Who Wants To Be Wealthy … But Doesn’t Know How!

Thomas Edison “failed” over 1,000 times before finding the solution and perfecting the light bulb.  Once he finally perfected it (through knowledge, hard work, and relentless determination) numerous people simply duplicated his success to make fortunes churning out perfect light bulbs by the millions!  So if you know nothing about business, but simply want to make a lot of money, enjoy life, and not be enslaved to a job … AND you need something that’s simple, perfected, and easily duplicated, then this is the business for YOU!

I Would Be Set For Life If I …            Fill In The Blank         !

Example, “if I owned a store like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. … I’d be Set For Life!” – right?  Absolutely!  You would be rolling in money!  All these stores are just places that have a lot of stuff for sale, which of course, makes the owners very wealthy.  The problem for most people is not being able to buy all this stuff (inventory) to get started and why the average person can only “work” for the rich people who can afford it.

 Your Problem Is Solved … With A Secure Lifetime Income!

The business is already perfected (just like the light bulb) combining 3 of the largest industries in the world with sales of 2.4 Trillion Dollars each and every year!  That’s over 700% more money than Walmart, Target, Best Buy, & Home Depot make – combined!  Your store’s inventory (stuff people can buy) will consist of well over 17 Million items (for comparison, a Walmart Supercenter usually has 142,000 items for sale) and you pay Absolutely Nothing for this never ending inventory which gives you the security of a lifetime income!

 It gets better, much better!  Your store will be run for you by full time employees who work around the clock and do all the work – and you pay Absolutely Nothing – No payroll, No supplies, No rent, No utilities, No shipping … Nothing!  All sales happen Automatically so you Never have to process an order, talk to a customer, or handle a product!  It’s truly a hands-off business that allows you to make lots of money & have fun doing it!  The business is already set up and is being offered exclusively to you and a select number of others on a first come first serve basis so Act Now before it’s too late and they’re all gone! 

The Single Most Important Secret To Securing Your Financial Future … TODAY!!!

 Financial security is quickly vanishing in America.  Letting our Online Health Store do all the work (and make all the money) for you is a very easy way to ensure your financial security.  We know this business makes money & can easily be duplicated by anyone – that’s why it’s conditionally guaranteed for life!  There’s only one thing standing in the way of you owing an automated store with a Multi-Billion dollar inventory at its disposal (over 12,000% more stuff to sell than the average Walmart Supercenter) with industry sales of over 6.5 Billion Dollars Every Single Day that anyone can easily duplicate to achieve success – and that is… 

  … YOU!!!

As hard as that is to hear, it’s true.  Everyone loves the thought of being rich – the dream of being a millionaire.  But deep down, we all know that simply “wishing” for something doesn’t make it come true.  Wishes only come true for those who act!  Everyone’s heard the Nike logo; “Just Do It” but very few people take action and actually Do It!  They “wait” for things to happen and “waiting” never makes anything happen!  Those who wait get left behind – so don’t get left behind

 Successful people don’t just sit around waiting for the perfect life to fall into their lap – they ACT on opportunities … just like you can take action right now!  If you want more out of life, why not make today the day you stop waiting to become rich and start making some real money?  All you have to do is ACT NOW!!!  Simply take this very easy first step in making your dream of becoming wealthy a reality

 It’s Easy Because All Sales Happen Automatically!

You Never have to Process an order, Talk to a customer, or Handle a product!  You Never have to pay for Inventory, Rent, Employees, Advertising (all of the normal expenses a business has to pay).  You have absolutely No Costs – Ever!  Because this business is completely automated and runs itself (all the technical stuff is handled for you) there’s No need for you to have any special Skills, Talents, Knowledge, Etc.

Prescription Medication Sales

Over $ 0 Billion Per Year!

Diet & Weight Loss Sales

Over $ 0 Billion Per Year!

Health & Fitness Sales

Over $ 0 Billion Per Year!

Your Customers Buy Over $2.4 Trillion Dollars Worth Of Stuff Every Year!!!

 Your Online Health Store sells over 17 Million products to 3 of the largest consumer markets in the World who spend over 6.5 Billion Dollars every single day, making it an all inclusive, automated Money Making Machine, that has been perfected (like the light bulb) so your financial success is now within reach!  Let’s take a look at each industry individually, and with over 75.8 million baby boomers approaching their 60’s & 70’s, you’ll have more customers buying even more stuff in the future – and we’ll take care of all the sales for you!


Do you care about your health?  Do you want to live a longer, healthier life?  Of course you do – everyone does!!!  It’s a basic human desire, and that’s why over 839 Billion Dollars is generated each and every year helping people achieve it!   Profits from Online Prescriptions are growing at a phenomenal rate!  It’s much easier for elderly people to save money and order their Medication Online without ever leaving their home.  Most consumers want more privacy when ordering items like Viagra (Over 40,000 Viagra prescriptions alone are filled every single day), Xenical (for weight loss), Propecia (for hair loss), Celebrex (for arthritis), Etc.  Your Online Pharmacy is a professionally designed state-of-the-art website fully stocked with the highest selling name brand & generic pharmaceutical medications delivering profits to you literally while you sleep because all sales occur automatically!


Picture this … while you’re spending time with your family, your company is busy helping people who are desperately trying to lose weight and feel better about themselves by supplying over 6 Million products, including a vast array of the best Weight Loss Supplements, Powders, Drinks, Pills, Antioxidants, Diuretics, Carbohydrate/Fat Blockers, Dietary Oils, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, & Many More! 

Here’s the best part about your business & why it’s perfect when you want to make a lot of money without working hard – all those sales took place (making you money) while you were “out of the office” having fun! 


People take their health & fitness very seriously, but it’s also about looking good when exercising.  Americans spend over $30 Billion every year on fitness clothing alone!  Of course, this puts a continuous flow of money into your pocket when you own a business stocked with nearly 4 million pieces of brand new Sports Wear!  You also make money from selling over 2.3 Million different pieces of Sports Equipment (that you never see or touch) as well as over 7 million other Health & Fitness Products such as Nutrition Bars, Protein Powders, Shakes & Drinks, Vitamins, Minerals, Exercise  Machines, Supplements for a Healthy Heart, Brain, Bones, Joints, Skin, Vision, along with Medications and Remedies for Headaches, Anti-Aging, Digestion Problems, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Disorders, Allergies, and Much, Much More!

100% Conditionally Guaranteed For Life OR Your Money Back!

What good is having Billions of dollars worth of products to sell if nobody knows you exist?  This is the problem that stands in most people’s way of making money.  Finally, through exhaustive research and testing (like the light bulb) we’ve solved this problem for you with a proven system we call Free Advertising Success Techniques (F.A.S.T.).  It’s provided exclusively to you absolutely free, but only when you act now!  It costs nothing to use and allows you to duplicate our success!  It’s very easy to use and your only responsibility is to simply plug it in for it to work – just like a light bulb.  By providing the complete F.A.S.T. system for you to use in its entirety, we’re able to give you a Conditional Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.  For just $97 (you pay nothing more!) you’ll own a business that generates huge profits and costs you absolutely nothing to run!  It’s completely automated so once you activate the F.A.S.T. system (it takes less than 10 minutes per day and if you’re smart enough to read this letter, then you can make the F.A.S.T. system work for you) your Online Health Store will automatically start selling millions of products making you money while you’re off having fun!

A Business With Support So Good, You’ll Have To Pinch Yourself …

 … just to be sure you’re not dreaming!  You receive 90% of all profits while we receive 10% for providing your business with everything you need to have fun and make a lot of money!  They say; “If you want to be successful, simply duplicate what other successful people are doing!”  This is why we provide you with our F.A.S.T. system so you too can duplicate our success!  We couldn’t afford to make this Conditional Guarantee (with the start up costs, paying your monthly hosting fees, providing daily updates, customer service, etc.) if we weren’t absolutely positive that you can duplicate our money making success!  This lets you know without a doubt that we have a vested interest in your long term success … so don’t get left out! 

It would be a shame for you not to make life changing amounts of money when others are doing it so easily (in just the 5 seconds it took you to read that sentence, your customers just bought over $380,000.00 of stuff!).  Remember, all sales are processed and filled for you automatically.  You never buy inventory, take orders, handle products, ship boxes, talk to customers – everything is done for you and there are absolutely NO monthly expenses that you have to pay!  It’s designed to be owned by someone who likes to make a lot of money, but spend their time doing other things!

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True … IS IT???

What sounds “too good to be true” is based solely on your personal experience – it’s different for everyone.  You may think making $10,000 per month is too good to be true?  Ask the over 19 Million Americans who make this much money if it’s in fact, “too good to be true?”  How does $25,000 per month sound?  Over 6.4 million Americans enjoy that kind of money, but ask these same people a question about making $100,000 per month, and I bet most would tell you that much money is just “too good to be true” – impossible!  3.2 Million Americans could prove them wrong!  Ask any Billionaire what they think is “too good to be true” and every single one will probably tell you the exact same thing …

… “NOTHING Is Impossible, Just Don’t Give Up!” – Mark Zuckerberg (net worth: $100+ Billion)

You May Be Thinking, “But I’ve Tried Everything To Make Money & Nothing Works!”

 It just means you’ve tried everything that “Doesn’t Work!”  If other people are making tons of money, then obviously “something” works – you just haven’t done it yet.  Stop telling yourself “I can’t make money” and do something different – something that works!  If you want your life to change, then YOU have to change.  As Winston Churchill quoted, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often!”

If you’ve failed in the past – Forget about it – that’s over!  It’s time to open a new door, but this time with something that works & has proven success!  Making huge profits with this business is easy because it’s a natural result of helping a lot of people – that’s just common sense!  Using the complete F.A.S.T. system just like we do, you can easily duplicate our success!  However, the number of Online Health Stores available will be strictly limited to a select number of individuals so if you’re ready to change your life – let’s get started!

Still Have Questions Or Doubts – Email Us At:  support@myedgeco.com

 Maybe you still have doubts that by taking action today, you will instantly become a respected business owner and start making more money than you’ve ever experienced.  Maybe you just want to make sure we’re a real company and we’re here to help whenever you need it!?  If so, email us with any questions you have to put your mind at ease and know you’re making the right decision.  We will always answer your questions in writing.

“Action is the foundational key to all success” – Pablo Picasso

If all Success requires Action, then YOU Must take Action to enjoy Success – it’s that simple!  If you sit there and do nothing, then you’re Guaranteed to receive nothing.  However, if you take action today, you’ll receive a proven money making business that’s Conditionally Guaranteed for life with our proven F.A.S.T. system so you can easily duplicate our success!  Your personal situation doesn’t matter at all because everything’s automated so your Age, Education, Skills, Knowledge, etc. doesn’t matter, and even in today’s electronic world, having or Not having a Computer doesn’t matter either!  While you’re off relaxing, enjoying your free time, your Online Health Store can be busy doing all the work for you selling millions of products that help people with one of life’s most precious assets – their health … and making huge profits for you and your family at the same time!  It’s never too late to start, but to make your dreams a reality, you MUST start!  None of us are getting any younger so if you’re ready to separate yourself from the herd and start a better life … why not start TODAY!? 


The Online Health Division Support Team

IBS, Inc.

PS.  Imagine receiving more money than you’ve ever experienced from an automated website selling millions of products that you never see or touch that help customers you never talk with or see – all while you’re out living your life to the fullest! The business is secured by a conditional lifetime money back guarantee!  If it works, you’ve gained complete financial security and fulfillment.  If not, you get your money back and you’ve lost nothing.  It’s a limited time offer, so what’s stopping you from “just doing it” and making it happen today!?

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