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Question:  What Steps Should I Take To Get My New Online Health Store Started?

ANSWER:  %%FIRST_NAME%%, your Online Health Store is completely Automated so there’s very little that you have to do in order to start making money.  There’s only 2 step you need to take as the Owner get started making money!

Step 1.  Read your Owners Manual (it only takes a few minutes) and go through ALL the Q&A’s in this section to get familiar with your Online Health Store.

Step 2.  Activate your F.A.S.T. System of Free Advertising to start generating automated sales and duplicate the money making success of this business.

You’ll also find some optional features on your Home Page that you can use to grow your business.

Question:  How do I setup my F.A.S.T. System?

ANSWER:  Activating your F.A.S.T. System is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your time each day to set up and manage.  Your F.A.S.T. System consists of several components that have all been tried and proven to generate sales and income.  Although we recommend using them all (start with one and then build up) as the owner, you can pick and choose the ones you want to use for your business.  Each advertising source has been provided in your F.A.S.T. System to allow you to have Free access to each one, even those sources that normally require thousands of dollars in expense.  This way, you can easily promote your Online Health Store to generate tremendous sales without spending any additional money.  Your F.A.S.T. System contains the following Free Advertising methods:

Direct Mail Advertising
Banner Ads
Email Ads
Social Media

Question:  Should I signup myself on my Online Health Store Website?

ANSWER:  No %%FIRST_NAME%%, the signup form is strictly for your customers.  After they signup, an account is opened for them automatically so they can make their healthcare purchases.   This is to ensure proper tracking of your profits.

Question:  What is A Health Store Broker and how does it work?

ANSWER:  Your Online Health Store comes with an optional Affiliate Program.  This program allows you to sell Online Health Stores to other Entrepreneurs who then become you Affiliate and work for you.  By having other Business Owners working for you, it literally allows you to Make Money While You Sleep!  You receive a percentage of the money generated by each and every Affiliate Store you have working for you.  This is how most all Millionaires and Billionaires make their money. 

This is how we, as a company, make our money, and now you can be using the same business materials and formula we use to again duplicate our success with this proven money maker.  We provide you with proven Free Advertising that you can use and we’ll build a special new Website for you that allows customers to order through the mail or directly Online. You can even have a link to your New Website put directly on your Online Health Store so every visitor can see the incredible business opportunity with the opportunity to order and become your Affiliate.  We take care of all the Order Processing, Fulfillment, and Customer Service needs so there’s nothing you have to do once the customer orders.  If you want to start Making Money While You Sleep – check out the “Health Store Broker” tab on your Home Page and get started today!

Question:  How do I use my Free Direct Mail Advertising?

ANSWER:  We use a Program called “Piggyback Mailing” %%FIRST_NAME%% to get You Direct Mail Advertising for Free!  If you haven’t heard of this, you’ve probably seen it in the past without even realizing it.  Companies will “Share” the cost of the Mailing, by including advertisements for other companies along with their own.  These are non-competing companies so their advertisements don’t conflict with each other, and the costs are reduced for each company so it’s a Win/Win situation.

Direct Mail had declined some by the use of Email and other Electronic deliver methods, however %%FIRST_NAME%%, there are still a lot of companies that use Direct Mail (just look in your Mailbox) and desperately look for New Mailing Lists in order to send out their Advertisements.

A Division of our company sells High Quality Mailing Lists that specialize in Business Opportunities and are some of the most sought after in the Industry.  We have Mailing Lists that include Hundreds of Thousands of individuals that are interested in starting a Business.  Companies that offer Business Opportunities pay the Industry Standard Price of $100 per 1,000 names.  Sure, you can find cheaper lists %%FIRST_NAME%%, but they’re no good, and  Companies that send out regular Mailings know this so they don’t buy the cheap ones.

Getting Customers is easy because the Customers come to you.  When these companies send you their Business Opportunity offers in the Mail %%FIRST_NAME%%, you simply return a Brochure to them (the Brochure will include a price list for the Mailing Lists and an easy way for them to order Online or Offline)!

The minimum order is 1,000 names and we double that order for Free in exchange for the Company sending out an advertisement for Your Business in their Mailing.  It doesn’t increase their Postage cost, and Double the Names means more Sales for everyone so it’s still a Win/Win for everyone. 

We take care of logistics of the mailing and handle your ad for you so after you send the brochure, it’s completely hands off for you.  Of course, large companies (like us, and even much larger usually order quantities of 25,000 to 50,000 names at a time!).

This service is already provided with your Online Health Store %%FIRST_NAME%%, but you can also upgrade this as another business and receive 75% of the money these companies spend on their mailing lists!  Those amounts can really add up – you can get all the information about it %%FIRST_NAME%% by CLICKING HERE.

Question:  How Do I Check My Sales?

ANSWER:  Simply click on the Tab that says “Sales Report” on your Home Page.

Question:  How and when do I get paid the profits earned from my Online Health Store?

ANSWER:  %%FIRST_NAME%%, your currently set up to be paid by Company Check.  Checks are sent out each week to the address we have on file for you.  If the address you used to order your Online Health Store ever changes, please let us know so we can update our records so there’s no delay in receiving your checks.  

If you prefer to be paid by PayPal, simply enter the enter your PayPal account  Email Address in your Profile, and from then on, Profits will be sent directly to your PayPal account. 

The minimum check/payment amount that can be sent is $100.  If for some reason, your sales for the week are lower than the minimum amount, they will be carried over and added to the following weeks sales.  All sales will appear on the Sales Report on your Home Page.

Question:  Do I receive profits on my own personal purchases?

ANSWER:  No %%FIRST_NAME%%, this is not possible.  The reason for this unfortunately is that in the past, we had a number of Online Health Store owners purchase products (especially for people they knew) receive the profits, and then sell the products at full price in order to double their profits unethically so this was permanently discontinued.

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