Links Setup For Your Affiliates Online Business #1

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If you’ve already started your Online Business #1, the form below will most likely already be completed.  If not, simply follow the simple step-by-step instructions to setup your Referral Tracking Links and enter them in the form below.  When others sign-up for Free and start the business, it generates an Affiliate Cash Bonus of $65 for you!  This bonus can fluctuate slightly up or down with promotions, specials, etc.

Here are the links to use for each shopping portal and instructions on getting your Referral link to enter on this page.  Be sure to use the links provided here to make sure tracking is setup properly and you get your Affiliate Cash Bonus.

 Get Your Cash Bonus Link from Rakuten Here 

 Get Your Cash Bonus Link from Top Cash Back Here

 Get Your Cash Bonus Link from Mr. Rebates Here

Here’s where to find your Affiliate Bonus (Referral) links on each portal after you join and login.  Then simply enter them in the form above following the instruction below.

Rakuten:  Click on “Refer & Earn $30+” in the top right hand corner of your screen.  Copy the first link under “share Your Invite Link.”  

Top Cash Back:  Click on “Tell-a-Friend” on the right hand side of your screen just above the account overview.  Click on “Links &Banners.”  Copy the link under “Option 1.” 

Mr. Rebates:  Click on “Refer a Friend” in the middle of your screen.  Copy the link under “Links for Emails or Printed Literature.” 

Copy each link into the form below starting with the “www” so do not include the “http://” part of the link.

Disregard the Shopping Portal Password field unless we setup the link for you.

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