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Question:  What Steps Should I Take To Start Getting Affiliates To Do All The Work For Me?

ANSWER:  All you need to do is get the ball rolling reader, and we make this super easy for you by giving away over $1,200 of Free products to your Affiliates.  Once your Affiliate signs-up for Free, your done.

We’ve automated just about everything in your new business so signing up Affiliates will be fast and easy.  All of the Free Advertising provided for you will already have your Website linked in it.  Affiliates simply click on the link to be taken to your Website, where they can sign-up for Free, get all their products, and start making money for you!  Two simple steps will get your Affiliate Building Business ready to go.

Step 1.  Create the Three Free Accounts for your Affiliates to use.  If you also own the SHOP Business, these may already be completed and filled in so you’re already done.  If not, simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the “Affiliate Business #1 Setup” tab on your Home Page.

Each Affiliate can generate $65 in Affiliate Income for you from these links, and it’s absolutely Free for them.  Two Affiliates mean $130 in Affiliate Income for you.  10 Affiliates mean $650 in Affiliate Income for you and so on, but that’s just the start.

Simply click on the “Affiliate Business #1” tab on your Home Page or if you prefer us to set these up for you reader (it’s just $11) please Click Here

Step 2.  Use the Free Advertising provided  in your Private Home Page to display your Website and get the ball rolling so Affiliates can sign-up for Free and start generating Affiliate Income for you!

All these Free Advertising options can be set up quite quickly (usually under 15 minutes for the novice) and then afterwards, most of them will advertise your business day and night 24/7 on autopilot.  They require no special skills or knowledge because you simply copy them.

Question:  What Are The Two Free Businesses My Affiliates Receive & How Do They Generate Income For Me?

ANSWER:  Both businesses are Turnkey for your Affiliates so they can start generating Affiliate Income for you right after your Affiliates sign-up for Free. 

Business #1 is a modified version of our S.H.O.P. Business.  The reason for this is because this Online Business is one of the Fastest and Easiest ways for your Affiliates to start generating Affiliate Income for you.  Nobody has to sell anything to anyone, and when these Aggressive, Intelligent, Tech Savvy Affiliates start this business (they can have it up and going in just minutes)  it can quickly generate $65 for you reader!

Business #2 is only available to your Affiliates because it takes someone with special skills and knowledge to run.  It provides AI (Artificial Intelligence) Products and Services which are sold Online through an automated Website.  This makes it easy for your Affiliates to produce sales, and you receive 50% of all net sales generated from all of your Affiliates combined!

These two businesses are in addition to the other businesses your Affiliates will receive which sell Online Courses, Digital Books (which also includes Audio Books), and the 2nd Tier Affiliate Business which all generate 50% to 75% Affiliate Income for you reader without requiring any of your time or attention. 

If you opted for the Bonus Options which provides your Affiliates with a New Online Business each and every month, you’ll receive 75% of the profits generated by all your Affiliates combined.

Question:  How Am I Paid The Income That My Affiliates Generate For Me?

ANSWER:  Your Affiliate Income will be paid differently between the two Online Businesses that your Affiliates will be working for you. 

Business #1 Income will be paid to you directly from the three accounts that were setup with the shopping portals.  You can receive the Income in a variety of ways such as Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, Pre-Paid Debit Cards, etc. which you can set in your account.  The time frame that these profits are paid out can vary depending on the shopping portal from Daily to Monthly to Quarterly.

Business #2 Income, and all other Income Streams will be paid to you directly from the company in the form of a company Check which will be sent to you at the address we have on file in your Account Profile.  Affiliate Income that is generated for you will be paid out on the first part of the month for the previous months sales.  So all sales generated for you in the month of January will be paid to you in the first part of February.

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